Tennis Employment:


Presently working at: SALK TSK Malmen

Spårvägen TK


2014 Dec-2015 Jun : Ellagård TK

2013 Oct-Jan: Vallentuna TK

2013 April-Oct: Enebyberg TK

2010 Feb -2013 April: Näsbypark TK

Tennis Qualifications:


Have completed TGU 1 and TGU 2 Swedish courses.


Tournament referee course.


2015 Coaching course Academia Sánchez-Casal

European Register of Tennis Professionals

My work experience with Swedish trainers and Sánchez - Casal Academia Barcelona has made me aware of the importance of maintaining excellent standards of training.


Other influences on my training programme are Bernard Pestre Fédération Française De Tennis and Beni Linder Headcoach strength and conditioning at Swiss Tennis.

Contact for references

Linda Jansson

Tel +4670 774 88 99

Roland Rakell

Tel +4673 245 90 59

Johan Porsbron

Tel +4670 191 95 20

Stefan Törno

Tel +4670 2333161

Micke Loso

Tel +4670 760 39 24


SALK Stockholms Allmänna Lawn TK - Tennis

Gustavslundsvägen 159

16751 Bromma

Tel: +4672 1572106




Tennis coach service based in Stockholm.